Luck O’The Irish – W.D. O’Connell

masterclass with Daithi O’Connell

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The Irish eat a potato with everything. They drink a lot. They are all redheads. These are some of the cliches you’ll hear all over the world about the Irish. As all cliches, they are not true. Another one of those cliches is that the Irish are lucky bastards. Well, that one is true, if you get to taste what W.D. O’Connell has on offer.

These guys do it differently. They aren’t bothered with their own distillery, nor are they trying to build one. They just look for the best spirits they can find, put it in a bottle and offer it to whomever looks for great whisk(e)y. By doing so, they are creating a cask library fort he adventurous spirit.

They don’t limit themselves. They work with peated whiskey, single grains, different cask types and are not afraid of recasking and finishing. They even, lo and behold, bottle Scotch when they find the good stuff (mainly on Islay).

And on top of that, they are represented by that other cliche: the friendly Irish person. Daithi O’Connell has been a welcome addition on many Belgian festivals the last couple of years, and he is indeed the friendliest guy you can imagine. And we get to talk with / listen to him for an entire tasting. Lucky us!

In this tasting, we offer you 8 samples of W.D. O’Connells releases. 7 Irish ones and a small drop of something Scottish that is truly rare.


  • Tomasin – Single Pot Still Bourbon Cask
  • Tomasin – Single Pot Still PX Cask
  • Cooley 20yo Rum Cask
  • Cooley 20yo Bourbon Cask
  • From Clare To Here
  • Bill Phil Peated
  • Single Grain 10yo
  • Lochindaal 10yo single cask bottling (1 cl sample)

We might throw in some gold from that pot we found at the end of the rainbow for the lucky ones!

Want to join us? Mark the date (21/3/2023) and get ready to order your samples on Monday 13/2 at 20.00h for the start of ticket sales via this link!

Tickets for Belgian and Dutch addresses can be booked below. If you want to join from abroad, please get in touch with us ( to get a quote on shipping costs.
Prijs: €45 (of €52.50 incl. verzending in België, 64€ incl. verzending in Nederland).
Sample can be picked up one week in advance on 2 locations: Meug Antwerpen en Meug Schilde.
You will get a link for joining the online tasting a couple days beforehand, through mail.
If you order more than one sample set for the same tasting, you only have to pay shipping costs once.
If you order sample sets for different tastings, make sure to add shipping costs for each tasting – unfortunately, due to timings, samples for different tastings cannot be shipped together.


21/3- 20.00u

Online tasting

€45 p.p.