Thompson Bros/Dornoch Distillery tasting 

With Phil Thompson (online)

26/11/2021 | 20u

The Thompson Brothers come to Belgium!

Well, online they do.

This is one tasting we are very much looking forward to. First, a blast from the past.

2012 – Meugman Jeroen spends 3 weeks in Scotland on holiday. One week is spent in Dornoch, an unassuming village in the North of Scotland. We rented a house, but we did know that there was this whisky bar in town and we had to check it out. We did not know more than that. One evening was spent there, and I recall tasting an old bottling of Bruichladdich. Little did we know we were speaking to one of the Thompson Brothers. In the following years, we learned more about these guys and their bar through social media, and we realised we should have spent more nights there. Still, the girlfriend was pregnant then, so we couldn’t drag them along whisky bars too much.

A couple of years later, these infamous brothers set out on a new adventure: Dornoch distillery will be a distillery that does things old school, that will give attention where attention is due and will make whisky how it was made long ago. We fall in love with the idea and decide to become a humble crowdfunder. 3 years later, our bottle of the first Dornoch distillery Whisky arrives. We have followed their story all along the way and still plan to visit the distillery as soon as it is feasible. The philosophy of opening whisky bottles and enjoying them that pervades their work is something we wholeheartedly agree with. We want to open some bottles!

Present day. Thompson Brothers have an extensive range of very cool independent bottlings. We want to do a tasting with them, and since we learned in the last 1.5 years that online tastings can be fun if done right, and it also allows for our guest speakers to stay in the comfort of their homes, this is the time. We reach out to them, and lo and behold, they agree! And so, on November 26th, we will host an online tasting with Phil Thompson and 6 great bottlings. All proceeds from the tasting will go to charity; we thought this was appropriate to put the focus on enjoying the whisky and doing good at the same time.

So, there we are. We hope you’ll join us in a unique tasting for Belgium, with some unique bottles doing what they do best: being opened and enjoyed by likeminded people.


Extra info: all profits from this tasting will go to CaskAid – independent bottlers for a good cause. If we reach 25 participants, we will add an extra sample of Ballechin 13yo (CaskAid). If we reach 30 participants, we will raffle a bottle of MacDuff 14yo among participants!

Line-up (in no particular order):

Allt-a-bhainne 1997 – 24yo – 47.2% ABV

Glen Keith 1992 – 29yo – 46.2% ABV

Speyside 1990 – 30yo – 50.4% ABV

Caol Ila 2010 – 11yo – 54.8% ABV

Blended Malt 2010 – 11yo – 50% ABV

Dornoch Distillery Cask Sample (TBC)



Tickets available from 28/9, 12.00u here !
Price: €60 (of €67,50 incl. shipping).
Samples can be picked up at Meug in Antwerp or Schilde, or can be shipped to a Belgian address for an additionol cost.
Participants will receive a link to the zoom meeting for the tasting later on.
 If you want to ship more than one sample pack to one address, you only have to pay the shipping cost once.

Samples can only be sent to Belgian addresses!

This tasting will be in English and Scottish!

FRI 26/11 - 19.30u

Online tasting

€60 p.p. (€67,50 incl. verzending)

35 personen