Carter’s Whisky by Meug

#1 – Top Pair

Carter’s Whisky pays hommage to a legendary duo. Rascals you can’t help to forgive. Jack and Mira Carter, cardplayers par excellence.

Jack and Mira Carter are legends. Every speakeasy worth its reputation has their picture up behind the bar.

Free drinks for Jack and Mira.

They played poker at every high stakes table all over the continent. Top Pair wherever, for what it’s worth.

And they won games at all of them, against the best of them. They played like Picasso painted: creating a masterpiece, making it look easy.

Breaking all the rules, but never cheating.

They didn’t only beat their opponents with cards. They beat them with class and style, and a smile that made you forgive them for taking all your cash. This whisky is what we believe the Carters would have loved in their glasses while playing. True Carter’s Whisky.

Carter’s Whisky is a dram to share. With friends is most common, but offer a glass to your foes, and make them your friends.

Pairing this whisky is not a walk in the park. Normally, we would tell you how well it combines with, say, grilled steak, blue cheese or a freshly picked oyster.

Sure, it does.

The most exhilirating pairing, however, is with a game of cards, preferably a classic one. Bridge is out of the question – we don’t want you to fall asleep before you touch your glass. Poker is best, but why not try one of the traditional ones, like Kinging, Ricking or Little Tree Whist. You will not be disappointed, even if you lose the game.

Just don’t play Patience.

You need friends to share this dram with.

Get a bottle? With each bottle, you will get one of only a few limited edition decks of cards, so you can start playing right away while tasting Carter’s Whisky. Don’t play too much, though, or you’ll need a second bottle, and they are not that easy to come by…

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€ 7,50